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White Star Krypton3Cell Lamps

Replacement lamp for C & D 3 cell flashlights2-Max 100 Watt E27 Type A Bulb + 1-Max 15 Watt E12 Type..


(10 Pack) Philips Advance ICN4P32N 120-277V 3 & 4 Lamp T8 Electronic Ballast

Electronic Ballast Runs (4-3) F17T8; (4-3) F25T8; (4-3) F32T8; (4-3) F32T8/ES-25W; (4-3) F32T8/ES-28..


10 Inch Heavy Duty Harp Fitter For Lamp Shades Polished Nickel



100Essentials Alga Floor Lamp

This luxurious Alga Floor Lamp will give you modernity and fashion in your home . Led Lighting for b..


14.75"H Studio Art Mercury Glass Square Jeweled Uplight Table Lamp - Teal

Classically contemporary, this uplight accent lamp combines a modern shape with the antique beauty o..


17" H Tiffany Style Stained Glass Rustic Hurricane Lamp

Stately and classic! Bring a little light to any room in your home. Place on a desk, mantle or books..


208 Fryar Design Halo Touchier Lamp

This Contemporary Brushed Nickel Touchier Lamp will add light and style to any room. Upper Touchier ..


21.75" H Webbed Hearts Tiffany Style Stained Glass Panel Lamp

Fill your space full of color and light with the Webbed Hearts Tiffany Style Stained Glass Panel Lam..


21.75"H Intellectual Monkey Table Lamp

What a conversation piece! This adorable novelty lamp is the perfect unique accent for a study or li..


23.75"H Grecian Goddess Beaded Table Lamp

Grecian beauty! This 23.75"H table lamp features a casted bronze goddess figure with outstretched ar..


24.25"H Gloria's Crystal Beaded Table Lamp with Mosaic Base - Magenta

Life is fun and free! So is this beautifully crafted crystal beaded table lamp with mosaic glass bas..


25" H Tiffany Style Stained Glass Victorian Sea Green Crystal Lace Table Lamp

Lose yourself in a sea of green! This Crystal Lace Table lamp echoes the beauty and majesty of the f..